My ex

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So would you?

  1. Fuck her sweetly?

  2. Fuck her rough?

  3. Invite friends to fuck her too?

  4. She is not worth your effort?

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  1. DuncanSteele

    DuncanSteele New Member

    Check out her post in the tribute forum. I have lots more of her.

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  2. Annalez13N

    Annalez13N Member

    Not enough shown to decide honey. So far so good. Is she bi?
  3. Badun17

    Badun17 Active Member

    She looks amazing to me . I would have to take her to a sex party or invite some friends round usually there's a mix of men and women we all get drunk take loads of drugs and Fuck eachothers brains out all weekend. Bet she would love being fucked over and over again filled up with cum in all her holes and women squirting pussy cum over her face and titts . I'll make her lick another woman out after all the lads have cum inside her making her lick all the cum out of her pussy all that cum from about 5 different men . She would have to be fucked in every hole at same time . Depends on the woman but some can take 2 cocks up the pussy a 2 up the arse ad made to suck 1 or 2 at same time making her arse and pussy stretched open wide as fuck and cum dripping out of everywhere mmm

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