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Discussion in 'Roleplay Chat' started by Amy2494, Mar 23, 2020 at 11:20 PM.

  1. Amy2494

    Amy2494 Member

    Looking for a man open to anything, sub here liking force, diaper, piss, and scat
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  2. DoubleDlover

    DoubleDlover New Member

    I’d love to make you drink your own piss, to wallow in it all while pledging you obedience to me
  3. Amy2494

    Amy2494 Member

    I'd love that
  4. antonio0020

    antonio0020 New Member

    add me on sp and i shall make u cum and arch your back
  5. Alaanxder

    Alaanxder New Member

    want to do it
  6. Amy2494

    Amy2494 Member

  7. Stavros9999

    Stavros9999 Member

    Do you have a discord account?
  8. Mdkupi

    Mdkupi New Member

    I'm a sub
  9. kingscock

    kingscock New Member

    Message me here slave let's play.
  10. Mdkupi

    Mdkupi New Member

    I'm a straight male sub.

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