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Discussion in 'Site, Chat, and Forum Feedback' started by Hawkman, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. Hawkman

    Hawkman New Member

    can we we please get a subs and doms room. The site needs more rooms.
  2. MrsD

    MrsD New Member

    how about a naughty room. for those who want a little less in your face sex stuff! and can be a giggle
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  3. Misha000

    Misha000 Well-Known Member

    KINK please. Share the naughty gifs, talk about kinks and pretty much anything goes.
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  4. Dogowar

    Dogowar Well-Known Member

    Romance room. Not enough of it in this place. Let's sort the Gentleman from the animals lol ;)
  5. Sandrock

    Sandrock Moderator Staff Member

    I feel that this site and some of the longer standing patrons would like if a member's only room could be put into effect. Something that is always there unlike a personally made room, and gives members a place to go hide out if you do not wish to deal with the masses.
  6. Dogowar

    Dogowar Well-Known Member

    I'd back that idea. I know some guests are ok and a laugh. But sometimes it can be a bit too much having people asking and announcing their wants when members want to just mellow and chat.
  7. Hawkman

    Hawkman New Member

    I agree a no guest room.
  8. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Active Member

    Oh it's funny that as I do remember someone else suggesting something similar....I wonder who
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  9. Jerseyjen

    Jerseyjen Moderator Staff Member

    Me, me, me!!!!!!!
  10. Chubby74

    Chubby74 Well-Known Member

    Any room that you don't get abuse and bullshit in for expressing your feelings for someone, but that's just not realistic
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  11. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Active Member

    Surely it will be beneficial for all to have dialogue with those who run the place of what users want, rather than being dismissed as nonsense.
    Being a user for many years I can understand the need for numbers and guests bolster that need, but not contribute to the quality of the site. Yes there are few that eventually sign up but too few.
    There are to many faults with the site for it to improve so surely it is time to have dialogue with us to help improve, because there is far to much onus on guests/numbers than quality of the site.
  12. Chubby74

    Chubby74 Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure on the practicality of it, or how it could be monitored/moderated. But there are a few people here who may benefit from a kind of group therapy room. I've found it easier to open up and talk about my depression here online than I ever have in front of a therapist or in front of people in general.
  13. hemihead

    hemihead Well-Known Member

    IMO I think it would be beneficial to all that the Guests be allowed to see how the site works but not be allowed to post anything until they become members . That would remove much of the spam and offensive simpletons .
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  14. ViXxXeN

    ViXxXeN Moderator Staff Member

    I remember when Locals was like that.
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  15. hemihead

    hemihead Well-Known Member

    And I think it worked rather well .

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