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    Happiness and Peace are actually two different things. It seems like both things can be achieved at the same time. You'd reminisce about having laughed, pleased or gratified physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually or psychologically, and then you think you had a temporary state of inner peace. First of all, peace is permanent. It's something people dedicate their lives finding.

    Happiness seems to come from any source designed to make us happy, or for which we're psychologically programmed to derive pleasure from, as an impulse. Happiness numbs our innate state of unrest. We kinda shift our focus from lack of peace inside us to the joy at hand. But then life gets back to where it is and we get bored of the event that made us happy.

    In cases where we never get bored of a source of happiness i.e. sex, we tend to associate our peace with the happiness we're receiving from it. We forget that they are two different things. Happiness is momentary, Peace is eternal. Now that we think we get peace from having sex, smoking, drinking or any other pleasurable activity, we seem to devote our life towards pursuing those moments, giving birth to addiction. Your source of happiness is technically not the source of peace.

    You never found a source of peace, hence you're not at peace. The goal is to find peace, and things that are making you happy, giving you that high, haven't been able to get you at peace.

    Funny thing is - Peace may beget happiness cause happiness always meant suppression of feeling of lack of peace for you. Now the absence of it, you may receive more joyfully.
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    I have both Happiness and peace in my life.
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    Glad to know :) Congratulations

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