Perks to been a 3rd shift Security Guard

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    i worked as a security guard for many years and come across many things that would blow your mind. one of my favorite was catching people in our parking lot having sex. now a bit of info we had cameras all around the parking lots with night vision and cctv system the business i worked for was on a dead end street and very dark back our way so we had alot of people try sneaking back there for extra fun. i would see them come in and watch them with the cameras once i seen they were really into it and not gonna stop anytime soon i would make my move. i would move the cameras to a different sector and walk out to there cars and tap on the windows with a phone in hand , asking what do yall think your doing now if they were just younk kids i sent them on there way but the older teens and adults didnt get off so lucky i would always look at them and say looks like your both having fun . Now we can do this two ways one i call the cops show the the footage of you all trespassing and having sex or you let me join in and we continue what you were doing . Now been a bi male i took every chance i got to get it from both of them and it didnt take much more then saying guess i will call the cops when the guy protested saying hes not gay or bi . loved the summers because that was when most people were sneaking out there. atleast two or three times a week i was getting pussy and dick always had him fuck me as i ate her then when he was finished i would fuck her then get dressed and tell them to finish up before such and such time depending on the day. i had a few repeat returns saying they had so much fun they wanted to do it again or it got her so hot we had to come back. those i would give my cell number and they would call before they got there and would move the cameras from there parking space and meet them outside. some of the best was when i would do this and find it was actually a employee for said company those were fun because now i had there jobs in my hands and they were very eager to make sure i was happy so i would keep there secret so with them more then a few times i would find them working late and we would take a trip to a empty office or meeting room. i have had many more experiences that i may tell if asked.
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    I’m dying to know more

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