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  1. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    Simple. The person above you will give you 2 or 3 words to start. You finish the sentence only using your predictive words. These are the words that your computer or phone think you’re going to say.

    example: you’re crazy tonight.

    Then the next poster

    You’re crazy tonight and you have no clue how much you wanna touching me up...

    So next poster don’t forget to give a start to the next poster.

    I shoved it ...
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  2. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    I shoved it into my mouth when he got home I was gonna eating it out of your mouth.

    Ass smacking...
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  3. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    Ass smacking him and down his face with a big smile and he will be happy.

    I never ever....
  4. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    I never ever thought that would be perfect but I’m here too much for you blushing up and down on your face

    It’s so big...
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  5. GrimJoker

    GrimJoker Guest

    It's so big, that I want to slap your face silly, and make you cry!
  6. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    I’ll just use the last few words....

    make you cry Thank you so good to feel safe again today and tomorrow morning and evening that’s fine if only have one time.

    my pussy is wet...
  7. GrimJoker

    GrimJoker Guest

    My pussy is wet, she was drenched in the torrential rain outside.

    I had to...
  8. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    Your predictive texts sound so normal. I can’t get a sentence. Lol.

    I had to give them all of my weird clothes and then they said I was going crazy and fast and they did it too hard and I like that...

    Push it deep
  9. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    Push it deep, deeper than the other day and you have another chance to see it again tomorrow morning sweetheart thank you

    What the hell...
  10. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    What the hell did you get was a time of time lol

    I got...
  11. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    I got you covered in your house and you are going to have a great day today and I’ll go get you some coffee

    What the...
  12. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    What the heck do you have up your mind for me omg omg was that good

    These things make me laugh.

    wtf predictive text...
  13. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    Wtf predictive text messages thread called me back and then I replied yes yes it does look like you are going to get away with it

    (these are so random and funny)

    Damn I wish....
  14. MissMonroe

    MissMonroe Well-Known Member

    Damn I wish how it would feel to have a penis and spray my cum all over someone's face!

    Hell yeah...
  15. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    Not my idea. Completely stole it from another site. But so very funny!

    hell yeah I’m gonna was doing you like omg omg is that you better get down on your dreams

    COVID sucks...
  16. Andromalius

    Andromalius Well-Known Member

    COVOID sucks worse a cheap whore with an overbite... *Dont judge me I have weird impulses...-_-

    My balls...
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  17. MissMonroe

    MissMonroe Well-Known Member

    My balls should be sucked on every day, if I had them!

    A naked friend...
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  18. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    My balls are being sucked too much for now and it’s all about yours too lollipops.

    Stupid 2 mins
    Edit: a naked friend of mine who is naked for you make sure that great little guy is smiling

    Getting twitchy
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  19. Funguy4F

    Funguy4F Guest

    Getting twitchy as my girlfriend left me hanging.....

    Feeling excited...
  20. lexi8

    lexi8 Well-Known Member

    Feeling excited about the summer of course lol Mmmm is my time for you

    Plug it up
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