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    Just punked(made her back off/said can’t take anymore/tap out) my girl on how hard I’ve been sucking on her, started on her big extra extended and brown areolaed nipples flicking them with my tongue and massaging her tits with my hands then sucking on her like a hungry baby thirsty for milk, then she says “it’s beginning to hurt” but I just started? Not wanting to make her completely sickened by me I move to her clit spreading her sweet pussy with my tongue licking deep into her then lightly flicking her clit and sliding my tongue up and down her pussy then back to her clit sucking on her as you would a Wendy’s milk shake straw. Now she’s uncomfortable now I have to stop and we finished in doggie.

    She’s a fucking sexy woman but she can’t go the distance sexually with her body. She makes me think about the past girlfriend I had, actually all my past girlfriends made me think about that girl my present one the most. She wasn’t normal, I knowed it back then and it only proves that she was a goddess. She would let me do anything to her, she had two basketballs for an ass and our first anal session was fucking crazy.

    We were making out and feeling up each other I squeezed her bubble butt with both hands and told her I can’t wait to slip my dick inside that ass, she looked at me and asked me what I’ve been waiting for?, so I turned her over on her stomach pulled out my dick started sliding my dick between her ass then she told me to “use a condom” which I had a cookie jar full of next to my bed grabbed a Trojan wrapped it up and began where I left of with the color condom I eased inside of her with no stops and I tried to be as gentle as I could’ve been when she asked me if I can’t go any harder? I thought to myself WTF... I said of course I could but I’m not trying to hurt her then she told me she’ll let me know if I’m hurting her just do what I want, I was in love. With that I started fucking that ass like with an pent up and repressed feelings of desire, passion, and lust to my hearts content and to add to it all she would moan with every stroke making me even hotter and ready to explode. The experience was mind crippling to think what all women say about it she loved. We would fuck and make love when we’re to tiered to fuck. When we’re finished we wrapped up on each other and keep ourselves connected.

    When I went down on her I could’ve licked and sucked as hard and as long as I wanted to she never once stopped me when I went down on her I fucking loved that goddess, I would bend her over on all fours squeezing and massaging her puffy nippled tits while slapping her ass, she would get dripping wet when I slapped her ass and I would drink her up. I could suck on her lips and her tongue and she never complained. I was going to marry this goddess. I could suck on her nipples until my mouth began to go numb and even then I would stop, I woke her up almost every night for sex and she never complained and let me do whatever I wanted. She even woke me up once because I was so exhausted from all the sex we’ve been having to have sex I couldn’t be. You would’ve have to make it rain frogs and fire with brimm stone for me to leave her.

    She ruined me for other girls, I haven’t even heard of another girl like her even on all these sex chat sites I’ve visited. She is one of a kind.

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