Smells, Sounds, and Touches

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    A short one. I hope it serves you well.

    Last night with Lynne was amazing...a bit boozy, but the sex was everything I had thought it would be. And I had thought about it often. Lustful passionate kisses. The furious pace which we evolved from kissing and fondling, to licking and sucking. Touching and squeezing relentlessly until we became naked and restless... soulfully tasting each others lips and tongues as I pushed inside her ....I wanted to stay inside her all night... slowly gyrating while fully immersed and gripped by her soft warm flesh...wanting to be closer to her than humanly possible. Legs intertwined together locked at the pelvis rhythmically pushing her into the mattress, mouths kissing deep, hands clasped together over her head, stomachs flat to each other as we try to enjoy every skin to skin interaction possible. The orgasms came. They were immense and pleasurable. But paled in comparison to the relief of giving in to their lust for each other. Wanting and craving so much for so long, and finally giving each other what they wanted.

    Now its morning. Naked bodies facing each other. The room brightened by the morning sun is quiet except for the unmistakable sound of lips, slowly smacking as the lovers makeout like young teens discovering each other for the first time. Kissing Lynne's cheek as Luke pulls her in tight.... squeezing her into him. Their bodies and genitals touching.....stimulating... the sex will come. But for now its the smell of each other. That fully satisfying smell from being so intimately close to each other. The sound of her breathing. Their whispers delicately arousing each other . And the touching. The gentle never ceasing exploration of each others body which will slowly build into insatiable lust once again.
  2. You have a true skill. Keep it up ;)
  3. Sun66

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    Beautifully written once again, well done Flirting Hubby, you are very talented xxx
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    You've done it again! I loved learning what happened next to Lynne and Luke. That intimate afterspace only known by two lovers, is just as erotic as the act itself.
  5. Misha000

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    Are you a professional tease?
    Omg that was amazing. Why can't I have fake sex like that?

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  6. FlirtingHubby

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    Well, seeing as i have received exactly zero dollars in exchange i will maintain my amature status. :p:p:p

    Although praise is certainly an appreciated currency.

    Thank you.
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