Speak your darkest truths without judgement

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by Josh19m, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Josh19m

    Josh19m New Member

    anyone can speak freely here and get anything off their chests, no judgements, just listeners
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  2. Sexymamma

    Sexymamma Active Member

    I'm drinking at the bar when I meet this way younger guy bouncer checks his Id and everything( im 40 ) we started talking then we went back to my place and fucked all night long turns out it was a fake id and I banged a guy two years under the legal age
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  3. juli56

    juli56 New Member

    That happened to me also....back in the day ID could be easily faked. We got together many times until I discovered his age......
  4. Sexymamma

    Sexymamma Active Member

    Good to know I'm not alone lol
  5. juli56

    juli56 New Member

    Not alone......I have an idea it may happen more than we think....
  6. Naughtysub

    Naughtysub New Member

    I want to b taken off the street by a group of ppl. Held down and teased, eaten, fingered, to simply b treated as their playground. Being held down seems so much more primal. Some many men over look the tits or the clit. I want my tits to b slapped, pinched, but, etc. I’d b blindfolded and not know if it was female or male. Who was doing what.

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