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  1. 25 years old and wanna try my first lesbian experience...having only been with few guys i dont even know where to start? What do lesbians or bis like?
    Im too shy to try other men but my bf inspired me to follow my fantasies... and let go of inhibitions.

    So heres me being adventurous :D
    ( never been very sexual and confident or send nudes)
    Hope im good enough... and id love to chat and share with other girls...

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  2. Marie21

    Marie21 New Member

    Hi IAM 20 I like you so much
  3. Eveberlin

    Eveberlin New Member

    Let’s chat
  4. Dwb88

    Dwb88 Guest

    I know ladies who like pussy and especially new pussy.
  5. Ishikabb

    Ishikabb Guest

    I wanna try this l2l

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