Discussion in 'Confessions' started by eva19, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. eva19

    eva19 New Member

    I cant understand why guys cant understand the desires of a teen girl.:(
  2. Stuart48

    Stuart48 Active Member

    Well tell us what you want???
  3. Juan09

    Juan09 Member

    A good man knows what a good girl wants, it is simply.
  4. olderM

    olderM Well-Known Member

    Some teen girls have different desires, it's nice finding them out
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  5. Nunya43015

    Nunya43015 New Member

    You are young, you probably don’t even know what you want, you just need the guy who will give You what you need
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  6. hornymonkey9981

    hornymonkey9981 Active Member

    Well after looking at your photo, I would say you want a man to walk up behind you,bend down,take your pants of with his teeth,throw you on the bed and shove his face between your legs,lick you till you scream and squirt,then fuck the life out of you! Just a hunch!
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  7. hornymonkey9981

    hornymonkey9981 Active Member

    I don’t understand why no one is interested in me!
  8. hornymonkey9981

    hornymonkey9981 Active Member

  9. melounis

    melounis Member

    I knew it, but then you changed your mind....
  10. Idlewally

    Idlewally Member

    You need an older man, every girls desires are different an experienced lover can not only fulfil your desires but introduce you to desires you never dreamed about, I would be happy to explore those desires together
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  11. cumshotshooter22

    cumshotshooter22 New Member

    What do you need?
  12. hornymonkey9981

    hornymonkey9981 Active Member

    You want a movie and takeaway then sex? Or forget the first 2 and i bang you senseless up the wall!

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