The game's rigged from the start :x

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  1. You are a guy.
    You are shy.
    You feel about intimacy deeply,
    but it's not easy in real life.
    So you join a chat site,
    To talk about your kinks,
    assert and force your sexual desires
    on people who have a way with grace.
    You soon realize
    Its not other's business to satisfy you.
    Nor you are desirable enough
    To get what you want in a snap
    So you log off this site frustrated
    Only to come back and demand validation
    But you leave evermore frustrated.
    Your flow of satisfaction is negative
    You are emotionally bankrupt.
    Self confidence evades you.
    You look at girls, getting that validation
    Just for being who they are.
    Their mere presence, a matter of utility
    And pleasure for us wanderers.
    Let their flesh breathe in open air
    And you can't help but getting mesmerized
    Losing your ego and self-worth
    And chasing, begging for attention.
    You find out ways to be assertive.
    You play this rigged game like a lottery.
    Sending dick pics to every pink name.
    Waiting for at least one affirmation.
    Most get disgusted, some however respond.
    You play on, try control her emotions
    But things slip as the gush of sand
    And you return to your derelict state.
    You had been trying to become a "package"
    A gift hamper for girls, to impress them.
    "Money, Muscle and a Barbaric attitude"
    This package is tempting for the other.
    But its hard to become it,
    Requiring real dedication and effort
    For the same validation they can have access to without much effort.
    Well, you are enraptured by their indifference
    Their heightened self esteem, Their elusiveness
    Cause they're fed up of excessive attention
    They want a gem out of a haystack.
    That gem, you can become.
    If you stop begging and start demanding.
    Stop nagging and begin negotiating.
    Stop harassing and start improving.
    It's a game of your happiness and pleasure.
    Learn it. Observe it.
    Greatest puzzles personified await you.
    Be up for losing then and now, here and there.
    Cause losing is what tells you, you need to stand up and speak for yourself.
    Set up your value, know it well in you.
    Get a piece fixed in everyone's heart
    And they will save up some space in there for you.
    Use that return of validation
    To nail things up in your real life
    Or to take away a soulmate or a great friend.
    Cause you, like others, deserve to be valued
    You were designed for utility.
    You were designed to be attractive to copulate.
    You have to be heard. :x
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  2. Gunnerzz

    Gunnerzz Well-Known Member

    Life is a game we were never mentioned to win, rather just enjoy the highs between being screwed....
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  3. Throatfuck

    Throatfuck Well-Known Member

    Cool observation, my tactic is don’t go to the game, let the game come to you. I find if a lady sees you being normal and chatting amongst your friends she’s more likely to notice you than the guy wiggling his penis over the toilet bowl. Just show up for fun. The extras come along in time
  4. JennyG

    JennyG Guest

    Random dick pics are never going to work.
  5. Life is a game with no rulebook, everyone's trying to crack it their own way. But the thing is, it's so vast different rules apply for different people, over different phases of life or time period. It's the most dynamic and fluid game ever :)
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  6. That indifference and nonchalance is attractive, it's better if it comes from within. But the problem is, we're not always in high self-esteem nor all can be patient in this game. We go through highs and lows in life which might reflect here as well. Not all have found their soul-mates already, not all are privileged. In some places, we end up being needy and lonely and however much we might want to hide it, it shows and frustrates us from within. Each one of us is a book in writing, a puzzle getting contorted with time, finding solutions to our own jumble of ideas and the mindset. It is better to be indifferent and independent, have the keys to your own pleasure and happiness till someone comes in life and you delve deeper into each other.
    Let us admit we all are incomplete, prone to a constant influx of appreciation and validation, or else we wouldn't be occurring here at all. It's just that some people take it graciously and become so dear to all, while some fall all over the place and get just the opposite of what they want. It's just about how you deal with your own situation.
    I would admit I've found myself complaining some times, but I'm learning to deal with things ultimately and maybe look at them through a seasoned glass.
  7. Yeah, I've been told it's more about the context behind that organ, about the person it's attached to. :x
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  8. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    Hey, be yourself, you are witty, smart and so talented in many areas - drawing, writing and game creation just to name a few! This place is a numbers game, it’s very skewed with male to female ratios, it’s always going to be difficult. You will meet the right person, may not be here, but she is out there, I have no doubt x
  9. Thanks Sun. I just can't fathom how much I love you :*
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  10. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    Awwww thank you, trust me there is someone special for you x
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  11. Misha000

    Misha000 Guest

    I never really thought about it from the guy's point of view. Thank you Akshay for opening my eyes. I may not be able to get to everyone but I'll be sure to at least acknowledge them guest or not.
    I do try to engage as many ppl in rooms as I can. I know how it feels to be ignored in a busy chat room. It's not good for self esteem, knowing that some ppl don't have any to begin with, it's soul destroying.
    So, lastly... how can guys feel better? Focus on the positives, if you're funny, hang around in chat and make ppl laugh, if you're kind, offer words of encouragement, if you're sexy, compliment the ladies, if you're shy, sit and watch for a while and see if there are any topics you can join in on... it takes time to be seen. Some days are quieter than others. Don't panic, you will get there.
  12. Dogowar

    Dogowar Well-Known Member

    These are points I've brought up with a friend of mine very recently.

    I know I've been here before and other similar sites. But in all I've found the same issues when it comes to the chat rooms.

    The new guy is all ways left out.

    I've gone in on many an occasion. Said hi only to be totally ignored. This is quite a disheartening situation to be in to be fair.
    For a long time I refused to go into chat because of this. And I'm not one of those guys who waves his dick everywhere or asks for girls contact details.

    Seems a shame when all you want to do is join in, make friends and have a laugh.

    And as @Misha000 points out you could sit there quietly watching and wait for a chance to join in and contribute, but often or not that chance doesn't arise. So you sit there. Watching everyone who knows each other enjoying it there while you become more and more depressed.

    Just my two pence worth
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  13. Misha000

    Misha000 Guest

    Make that chance yourself. Personally i make a big noise in the room, but I'm kinda goofy so ppl don't care and some laugh.
    Eventually someone will see you xxxx <3
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  14. Hey Misha, :D

    Thanks for taking out the time to read this. I know you have always been really welcoming and supportive, and I'm glad that abhorrence for people just because they happen to be from a nation or a sex is beginning to fade.

    I've always endeavored to make people comfortable and friendly with me, cause, of course, I need friends to talk to when I come to the site. Friends who can understand and educate you. That flow of satisfaction has to be positive.

    This site has to be a source of pleasure and validation for people. It's been a year for me, and I can't thank my close online friends more for giving the love at every step of mine, consoling me whenever I'd feel low and always greeting me well and talking to me, opening themselves up and letting me do the same. :')

    This site has taught me a lot, the lessons I should remember my whole life. :x

    I wish your experience on the site to be a better one and be of any assistance possible :) Your presence will always add to my pleasure on the site
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  15. Hey Dogowar :)

    I can duly relate to your state, for I have gone through the same initially and even now when the people who know me are absent from the site.

    Well, what I've learned from the site is that a person always need to preserve their integrity and honesty and you need to provide utility to people, finding pleasure in being nice to people and talking to them well.

    Everyone has their off days and in that case, people would urgently need the sense of self-worth. In case of absence of people who could sympathize with you, your sense of integrity could fall all over the place. Hence, investing love into people could get you returns least expected. It's just a matter of trying to make someone's day :/

    I've learned a lot and I would admit that this site has let me evolve into a better version of myself.

    I wish you all the happiness and a great chatting experience, friend, and I wish I could be of any assistance with the limited acumen that I possess. :x
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