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    Different. I stand out. In a sea of black, I’m a white dot.
    Or perhaps it’s a sea of white, and I’m a black dot.
    There are others like me. But not many.
    We are obviously not like everyone else.

    They stare. Their eyes glaring, pondering, wondering.
    They don’t see past the surface, but they see the difference.
    Deep down inside us. In our innermost sacred place.
    And we look back at them.

    We know them all too well. We know them.
    Not by name, but by lifestyle.
    We know both sides of life. Intricately.
    Our eyes judge, but without judgment.

    To people like myself, we speak without speaking.
    Our eyes hold conversation. Jokes, information, emotion.
    Anything. With just our eyes.
    And the subtle, unnoticeable things we do with our bodies.

    They are oblivious to it. They think they know us. No.
    We are masters of ourselves. Not a superior race.
    But perhaps more adept and capable, knowledgeable.
    Utilizing more of what our body and mind offers.

    The eyes of those who don’t see glaze over with indifference.
    Not knowing what is so easily seen is right in front of them.
    Not understanding us. The different ones.

    This piece is one that I wrote fairly recently. It came to me as I go to a very small university that produces leaders of the highest caliber (trying not to brag, here, but its true). Going back to "normal" society is just... weird... for me and those like me. We don't fit in at all. People's eyes are the one big thing I noticed. It's hard to describe except for what I've written above. I was in a speculative and thoughtful mood when I wrote this so it's one of the deeper and more abstract pieces of mine.
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    An impressive piece. Thank you for sharing it ;)
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