Thinking back... part 3

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    With my head held down I couldn't really suck his cock any longer so wanting to please him I did the next best thing as began swirling my tongue p and down his hard cock as fast as I could until I heard him moan. It was then that I felt his cock jump in my mouth and I prepared for my reward which Master quickly began giving me as blast after blast of his sweet man-juice shot from his cock to my waiting tummy. Once Master had finished giving me my reward he released his grip on my head and I began licking and sucking master's now softening cock once again. As I was I felt Master move in his chair and I felt something being placed around my neck which i quickly realized it was a dog's collar. Master informed me that I was to wear my collar at all times when in his house and that it would be waiting for me to put on as I prepared to enter his house. By now Master's cock had softened and he grabbed my collar lifting my head up allowing it to slip from my mouth and as i knelt there Master began telling me his rules which I was to obey without hesitation or I'd be punished and I heard myself say "Yes Master, I understand." Master then told me I was to be at his beckoned call and I should expect spending weekends at his house where I would be trained and once again I heard myself saying "Yes Master".
    Over the next few months Master trained me to care for his every need without question or hesitation until what ever free will I had slipped away when it came to Master. The hardest thing I needed to learn was to control my own personal needs for enjoyment as Master explained that i was for his pleasure, he was not for mine. Master made it very clear that he would decide when I earned a reward (an orgasm) of my own and I would earn those only by pleasing him. Master also warned me that if I broke that rule i'd be punished for it and over the next couple of months Master would test me over and over again in different ways to help me learn. Each time I'd have an accident Master would stop long enough to punish me before once again returning to making me have another orgasm and I'd be punished again. ... continued
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