Thinking back,,, part 4

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    As it happened I had schedule vacation before meeting him so Master took his that week as well and the whole week was dedicated to my training. By the end of the third day my bum was so sore and bruised from being punished I couldn't even sit down but Master said it wss my own doing. It was so strange because even after all the spankings and abuse I received not once did I even think of using that special word Master gave me that would of ended everything permanently. My whole world became pleasing him and I honestly thanked him each time I was punished for helping me to become a better person. During that week the only time my training was stopped was when Master would put my leash on me and take me out to the back yard to use my sandbox (bathrooms are for people) and then after which we'd be right back at my training once again. Once the day had ended I'd prepare dinner for Master and give him his bath after which I'd be taken out for my walk for the night before returning to the training area where I'd be restrained for the night. Where it was impossible for me to even lay down with my bum so bruised Master would restrain me standing up with my arms over my head by a hook he had placed on the ceiling. Once my arms were restrained my legs were spread open and my ankles were retrained in place with some anchor points mounted into the floor leaving me standing there spread eagle for the night. The last thing Master would do was to use my bruised and sore bum for sex and just as before if my pussy even became damp I'd be punished for it only this time my pussy would receive a few slap with the strap as well after which master would just leave me in the darken room for the night. The next day it would start all over again, I'd be taken out for my walk, prepare Master's breakfast and bath him, then my training would begin once again.
    Happily by the fourth day I went all morning without having one accident no matter what Master did to try to make me go off I was able to hold it off and then after lunch as well not one accident. Master was so happy he told me I'd earn a reward after dinner and as promised once I finished bathing Master he took me out for my walk and instead of bringing me down to the training room he brought me into the living room saying he didn't forget my reward. Master was so kind and said where I did so good with my training today I had earned a reward and called me to come stand next to him as he sat in his chair. As I stood there Master pushed his hand into my pussy and told me I could bounce up and down on it until I had the orgasm I earned. Master had forbid me from even masturbating when I wasn't there so it had been almost 2 months since I had been allowed to have an actual orgasm I wouldn't be punished for. Once again my body seemed to have a mind of it's own as i found myself bouncing wildly on Master's hand to get my reward as Master sat there smiling watching me saying I was such a good cunt and how proud I had made him today. Just hearing Master say he was proud of me put me over the edge as my whole body began to tremble then shake uncontrollably as the most intense orgasm I ever had swept through my body again and again. My juices were now pouring down Master's arm like a river dripping down onto the floor below and as each wave swept through me my whole body would shake again as it released another flood of my juices onto Master's arm. Soon any energy I had left me and all I could do was stand there with Master's hand going deeper into my pussy as my strength faded with each orgasm. Master was so kind as he used his free hand to clamp onto his arm to stop me from settling down too much on his arm so I wouldn't hurt myself. I was soon pressed tightly against his hand as my orgasm slowly subsided enough so I was able to gather enough strength to lift myself off his drenched arm. Seeing the mess I made of his arm my training kicked and i quickly began licking my juices off his arm and hand until I had cleaned them both off and bent down to clean my mess off the floor. Once I finished Master called me and as I looked up I saw his penis was now standing straight up into the air and i quickly rushed over taking his full length into my mouth with a single gulp. While I was always able to swallow master's full length it was difficult but this time it was as if my body wanted to give him even more. I began swirling my tongue around his cock but it just didn't feel like i was doing enough after the reward Master had given me. .... continued
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