Thinking back... part 5

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    Once again my body responded on it's own and as my lips were locked around the base of Master's cock my tongue slipped out past my lips and began licking Master's balls. I remember hearing Master say Oh My God as his cock jumped in my mouth sending blast after blast of Master's man juice down my throat to my waiting tummy until Master had given me all he had to give and his cock began to soften as I continued licking it. As Master's cock slipped from my mouth he looked down at me and smiled telling me how incredible that was as he patted me on the top of my head saying what a good cunt i had become. Master just looked down at me and smiled as he said i see your cunt is still leaking down your legs so he said he'd take me out to my sandbox to get me cleaned up. Once there Master told me to squat down with my knees opened wide and as I did reached for the garden hose and slipped it into my pussy and turned on the water to flush it out. As Master held it in place my pussy was soon filled to over flowing with cold water and began spilling out onto the sand below me. As cold as the water was it did feel good as it was still opened wide from Master's hand being in there giving me my reward which Master seemed to know as he said it would help it feel better as well. It was so amazing, as Master had said the hose not only flushed my pussy clean but the cold water also caused it to close back to normal until my pussy lips tightly held onto the end of the hose all by itself. With a quick tug Master pulled it from my pussy and told me to stay as I was and I felt the end of the hose being pushed into my bum to flush that out as well. Once my bum was full Master pulled the hose out and as I let the water drain for my bum Master smiled saying i was being such a good cunt which made me feel so proud. Soon after my bum had finished draining and master told me to stand up and as I did he used the hose to wash my pussy, bum and legs off before saying it was time to go in. Once inside Master told me to go into the living room and lay on the carpet on my belly and he'd be right in and i quickly hurried into the living room and did as I was instructed to do. Seconds later Master came in and told me where I had done so good with my training today he was allowing me to sleep in his bed with him tonight and told me he had some medicine to put on my bum to make it feel better so I could. Even though I had gone all day without being punished my bum and pussy lips were still bruised and sore from all my previous lessons so even the slightest touch became uncomfortable. As I laid there Master told me to relax as he squirted some of the medicine onto my bum and he began rubbing it over my bruised bum and pussy and just as Master had said as soon as the medicine covered my bruises they stopped hurting. Soon after Master said it was time for bed and after assisting Master I climbed into bed next to him and laid on my tummy. After the past few nights I spent restrained sleeping while standing actually laying in a bed felt so great and I think within seconds I was sound asleep. The following day my training continued and I'm happy to say that Master was very pleased with me as once again I didn't have one accident no matter what toy Master used I was able to hold off my need to cum. That night as I was giving Master his nightly bath he told me that the following day would be my big test to see if I had truly learned my lesson or if I still needed more practice. Master didn't say anything more about it and I knew better to question him about it and soon after I was laying on the carpet once again as Master rubbed the medicine over my bum and pussy. I was amazed when i saw how so many of the bruised had faded since Master used the medicine on me the night before as once again as soon as the lotion hit my skin it felt better. Sadly the night flew by and Master said it was time for bed and after helping Master prepare for bed he smiled and once again Master allowed me to sleep in his bed next to him.... continued
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    Image_1575002600335.png Hey baby I'm older and I show me the body looking damn good baby I'd love to get together with you no more send you a picture tell me what you think thank you fucking eat your pussy
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    lol what a sad lil loser... go away
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    Who are you talking to
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    Wow fucking hell babe. Your story telling skills are amazing got me so hard reading this. Thank you.

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