Thinking back... part 6

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    The following morning started out as usual, I assisted master with his morning needs then prepared him breakfast and gave him his shower. Once that was done Master told me to go get my leash and he took me out for my walk and it was during this time that the day changed for me. Little did I know then that the events of that day would change my life for ever in ways I couldn't be happier with as it defined my place in this world showing me my purpose with so many people look for. I had just finished using my sandbox when I heard strange voices behind me and as I looked towards the voices I saw three older men standing there with Master watching me. My first thought was to run into the house but my training kicked in and I just stayed there on my hands and knees as Master trained me to do so he could hose off my bum and pussy to clean them. As Master stepped closer to wash me off he patted me on my head saying I was a good cunt and it made me feel so proud. As Master washed me off I remembered seeing the men before as they were neighbors of Master's as Master told me to get up and squat down so he could flush out my bum and pussy which was something he did every time I needed to use my sand box. It was so strange because even though I was naked in front these two men I never really met before I wasn't at all embarrassed that they were not only there but had watched me as I used my sandbox. Now as i squatted down with my knees spread wide apart I knew they could see my pussy as Master slipped the end of the hose inside to flush it out then watching closely as the cool water began flowing out of my over filled pussy onto the sand below me. They seemed to move closer as Master next inserted the hose into my bum again and again filling my bum with water then letting it drain onto the sand until nothing but clean water came out. After Master used the hose to rinse me off he slipped a plug into my bum before tugging on my leash and as I followed him right into the basement where the training area and man cave were was with both men following where he dried me off with a towel. Once he finished he told me he was going to prepare me for today's lessons reminding me how important they would be to me as they would decide it I was done with my training or if more was needed. Master was so encouraging as he patted my pussy telling me he knew I'd make him proud and my only thought was to do just that. Master then brought me over to this thing I can only describe as a strange chair , it was higher then a normal chair plus there was no backrest and the seat was larger than normal. Even the legs were strange because of instead of them coming straight down all four angled out, also it was secured to the floor so it wouldn't move. I didn't understand it at first until Master brought me over telling me to lay over the seat and as I did Master began moving my legs and arms over to each leg of the chair where they were secured in place finally placing a wide strap over my back securing me to the seat.. Master's Man-cave and training were separated by a folding wall and knowing that the two men were standing there and the position I was in I quickly figured out what my training would be today. I had been in a couple of 3-some and even a 4-some once so I accepted my fate because it was what Master wanted. What happened next I wasn't at all ready for as Master pushed a button casing the folding wall to open and I saw all these men, most of them naked or in the process of undressing standing waiting for the wall to finish opening. I looked over to Master for strength and he just smiled as he told the men they all knew why they were here so let the test begin reminding them that my cunt was off limits. I remember feeling the plug being pulled from my bum which was quickly replaced by one of the men's hard cocks and just as fast another man stepped in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth. Over the next few hours my only view was of men's belly's and pubic hair as one after another used my mouth just as others were doing to my bum. As each man finished in my bum Master would come over and feel my pussy to make sure I hadn't gone off before telling the next man to go. Finally I heard Master tell them to relax while he cleaned me off as my bum was well past over filling with the different man juice that used it so there was a steady stream running down my legs puddling up below me. Master planned ahead when he made his training room so he didn't even have to release me from my restraints to clean me up. ... continued
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