Thinking Back part one

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    Growing up I always knew my place when it came to men and while I have always been drawn to older men sometimes I meet one and my naturally submissive side becomes over powering and I can't refuse him anything. A while ago I met a man like that and he seemed to sense it as well and quickly began testing me to see if his feeling about me was correct. After just a few minutes of grocery shopping as chit chated filling each other in on the basics I learned he was 53, recently happily divorced had just settled into his new house where he lived alone. It wasn't long before he seemed to know what he wanted and after looking around he smiled at me and lifted the front of my skirt up as he quickly tore my panties off me. I was a little surprised of course but just stood there as he rubbed my pussy before looking at me and smiling saying "Very nice, I think you'll do" as he let my skirt fall back down into place once again. Soon after we were back to our shopping and talking as if nothing had happened and as we finished up with that he walked me to my car and offered to help put shopping bags into the back of my car. I drive an SUV my job supplied and as I opened the rear hatch he handed me the bags to put inside as we continued talking. Just as i was leaning in to put the last bag in I felt the back of my skirt being flipped up and quickly after a hand between my legs. This time it wasn't rushed as it was in the grocery store and as his fingers began to explore my legs seem to have a mind of their own as they opened wide giving him full access. It was as if my mind and body surrender to him as I just stayed there obediently as his fingers began probing deep into my pussy. My head was spinning so I have no idea how long he inspected me or even who might of walked by and saw but soon I felt his wet finger rubbing my bum hole and soon after his finger slipped deep inside. Still I didn't move as his finger probed deeper and deeper and I heard him say "Yes, you'll do fine" as his finger slipped from my bum. Just as fast he grabbed me and turned me so I was now sitting among the bags of groceries with my skirt still hiked up as he pushed my legs open wide giving him complete access to my now soaked pussy as I felt his fingers slip deep into it once again. This time it was just for a moment when just as fast he told me to open my mouth and as I did he stuffed his fingers into my moth telling me to clean my mess off them. Obediently I began swirling my tongue around each finger cleaning my juices off it before moving onto the next until I got to the one he had slipped into my bum. ... continued
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    Thats a nice story

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