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Discussion in 'Confessions' started by MMishief, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. MMishief

    MMishief New Member

    You know when you have a sexual dream about a real life friend and those vicid images stick in your head throughout the day... Torturing you at work because you can't indulge on them?

    That is me right now.

    This particular girl,former coworker, was always a big tease at work. I know she took delight in giving myself and one of my best friends a hard time... Literally..

    The strategic over the counter leans with the form fitting tops tight against her perky full breasts.... The innuendos she would injerject in conversation... The smirks she would give before sauntering away from you... She craved attention.

    My mind has crafted various fantasies over time... Some involve her watching me screw her 'frenemies' ... Us having mutual masturbation that leads to sex... her Her and I working together to get another woman off... Even her getting greedily pounded by myself and my buddy.

    I want it spontaneous, fun, hot

    Please share your thoughts. I am extremely interested nin the female perspective.

    All photos shared were public to begin with, there is no exploitation of privacy.

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