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    Hi all still new to this and dont know if any one els will comment but lets see .My thing is did any one had an opportunity for lets say a quiky but did not act on it , but wished that you did.This is my story in my line of work i go to a lot of clients houses , and most of the time the wife would be home alone , so this one client of mine, i did a few jobs for them before called me to come and fix stuff by him .The job took about an hour but that was the most interresting hour of my life lol. The wife is a few years older than me blond , and has quite a nice body on her so no complaints. About 10 mins into the job she started asking me , do you have a girlfriend and i must just state me and my gf just broken up the previous month.So i answered no and told her we broke up .Thats were the fun sort of started every time that we alone in the lounge ( my helper would be outside busy) she , would say things like you know i can suck a tennis ball thru a garden hose and i just laughed it off thinking she was just messing with me .Then she started asking when last did i have sex and she wanted me to be her secret bf and thats when i said but you are married. She gave me a funny look just then my helper came back in to ask something .After he left again at that point we were almost done with the work she asked if i would help her with somthing extra to put up. I said sure i asked her were and as she started showing me she would rub her ass against my crothc or touch me by accident and say things like we can have a lot of fun and she would love to show me the tennis ball trick lol. Well being a man i did get aroused and started touching her boobs and carresing her legs and ass .At that stage my helper came back in and helped me to finish the last bit of work including the extra bit she asked for .Now this is the part i regrett after we packed up i went back in to give her the account and to get the payment when she said no i cant go whe have unfinished business and believe me she was ready to go , she was trying to undress me taking my belt of when i made the mistake or mabey not i dont know anymore , by telling her i cant do this its not fair towards her husband. Wel after that the mood changed and she basically told me to fuck off .sorry for the long storry still think about it and wonder if i should have gone ahead and fuck her .
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    Sorry this happend last year

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