Weirdest class you ever took?

Discussion in 'Higher Education' started by fandom_lover1, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. WitchySeaWingLady

    WitchySeaWingLady Active Member

    Paranormal Studies and Mythological English Sciences because I’am creepy and spooky that way plus I'am super book wise and also because I want to become a tattoo artist and burlesque dancer and alternative pinup lingirie model also a professional swimmer on a swim team and last but not least a paranomal reporter and folklorist.
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  2. WitchySeaWingLady

    WitchySeaWingLady Active Member

    I'am the only young lady or one of the only young ladies who would have lunch and even hangout with my occult studies teacher and nobody knows when we may start kissing and maybe even more lol but sadly the colleges keep on cut funding to these classes I listed on here and it's getting harder and harder to find these classes and right now I'am stuck at minimum wage and taking care of my sick wheelchair bound and paying for my sick dog's medical bills all by myself because I never had anyone there for me in whole my life.
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  3. Gunnerzz

    Gunnerzz Well-Known Member

    What exactly is a alternative lingerie model? I alaa would have figured that occult studies would be more or less on the job training....
  4. WitchySeaWingLady

    WitchySeaWingLady Active Member

    Being an alternative pinup lingirie means things to different people for me it means mosty black lingirie consisting of vynle and lace and a tiny bit of slik and posing for non-nude and often old fashioned but still sexy pics for aldult magizines and being professonally charming . I'am also a goth so that pretty much explains it but unfortunately I don't have any professional pics yet so please nobody ask for any because they don't them because the pics have not happened yet. Meaning I don't have the money because there is only one pinup photography place in the city which I live in and their pics cost to much. And sadly it seems like a my life has been made up of very unlucky events which cause me to end up flat out broke and know it sound very unsexy. But becoming any model espacally a pinup in the modern world is like a pure hell full of beautiful things the one will probably never get.
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  5. WitchySeaWingLady

    WitchySeaWingLady Active Member

    I have done some profile modeling for some dating sites without any pay and it is hell or limbo on earth for me but it gets me some attention but most of the guys don't understand or care and drive me nuts. So they always make sure I delete messages and bloke them after sending them warnings and my work as yoga instructor sucks because sometimes I get creepy and rude men who want to ask me out and believe me I always say no to them and tell them not to come back I will call the cops on the. And working at a fastfood resturant server is sort mosty better then my yoga job until some crazy black woman obessed guy comes in on his high horse trying to win over and the answer is always no.
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  6. Gunnerzz

    Gunnerzz Well-Known Member

    Learn something new every day, sorry to hear that you have to deal with ass holes they tend to be everywhere.
  7. Cinegasm55

    Cinegasm55 Well-Known Member

    I took a humanities class about theater once. The prof was delightfully eccentric.

    The one rant of his that I remember the most vividly was about why he wanted to teach a class on porn: "Every visual medium's effectiveness is gauged by its ability to produce a fluidic response from the audience: suspense makes us sweat, drama makes us cry, and porno makes us cum. Porn is the most commonly effective."
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  8. Roses

    Roses Well-Known Member

    I had the fortune of attending an all-girl, Catholic high school. It's interesting how Hollywood and the porn industry portray them, but I can tell you it was just your typical school with a bunch of girls being girls, and as far as I saw, nothing sexual happened. But, so many weird/funny things happened during classes, so here we go:

    My music teacher was encouraging us to enunciate our vowels better, especially the long a's. She started reciting words for us to repeat, and it went thusly:
    Her: Dart
    Class: Dart

    Her: Part
    Class: Part

    Her: Fart (gasps in shock)
    Class: FART! (laughter chaos for 10 minutes)

    We had a physics teacher who was going through a divorce when she taught us. It was my first year of physics. I didn't learn much about the subject, but I did find out a lot about divorce courts, the divorce process and that "you give men all of you and what do they do? Break your heart!" That was a very depressing class.

    I frickin' loved chemistry and couldn't wait to start that subject. When I finally started it, I was happy to let my inner nerd out. That teacher was a staunch Catholic and when I asked her a question, her response to me was because God made it that way. Going forward, chemistry sucked and she killed my science joy.
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  9. Angelxox

    Angelxox Well-Known Member

    Metaphysics. Everyone there was just so into talking about hypothetical other versions of earth and the universe and it was just always... Wtf. Obviously I am no philosopher. And I’m sure everyone else throughly enjoyed it. I just felt confused and lost the whole time. Unsure of what I was actually suppose to be learning. Not to mention there was a textbook to explain my text book. Ugh.
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  10. DustyB

    DustyB New Member

    Back in the stone age i had a class in "inner Personal Communications" (grad school) The longer the class went (16wks) the weirder it got. Eventually, the female teacher and I got drunk one night and had some special inner personal communications.
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