What's your favourite?

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by EvilScotsman, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. FiveKnuckleShuffle

    FiveKnuckleShuffle Well-Known Member

    The Beach

    What's your favorite pick up line, you've said or heard?
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  2. Fireball69

    Fireball69 Well-Known Member

    Get your coat darling, you’ve pulled.

    What’s your favourite food
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  3. melounis

    melounis Member

    My fav food is sushi.

    What's your favorite erotic movie genre?
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  4. Renee

    Renee Well-Known Member

    I don't have one.

    What is your favorite Saturday afternoon activity?
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  5. CrimsonKnight

    CrimsonKnight Well-Known Member


    What's your favorite part of your lover's body?
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  6. Renee

    Renee Well-Known Member

    Can I choose two? :p
    His mouth and his hands.

    What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
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  7. Throatfuck

    Throatfuck Well-Known Member

    Choc chip!!

    Whats your favourite milkshake?
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  8. EvilScotsman

    EvilScotsman Well-Known Member

    Kinda boring, but gotta be Vanilla.

    What's your favourite movie from the Godfather trilogy?
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  9. Fireball69

    Fireball69 Well-Known Member

    Godfather 2.

    Who or what is your favourite fictional character from a book?
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