"Would you Rather?"

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  1. PinkCherry

    PinkCherry Guest

    ** Choose a Question with "Would you Rather" and provide 2 new scenarios

    I will go first -

    Would you rather know when you are going to die or how you are going to die?
  2. Needgekopriz

    Needgekopriz Guest

    When. Would you rather never use social media sites / apps again or never watch another movie or TV show?
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  3. EvilScotsman

    EvilScotsman Well-Known Member

    I'd go without social media.

    Would you rather have Chinese or Indian takeaway?
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  4. FiveKnuckleShuffle

    FiveKnuckleShuffle Well-Known Member

    I'd prefer Neither.

    Would you rather have no arms or no legs?
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  5. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    I'd rather have no legs. I do alot more with my arms and I'm not limber enough to masturbate with my feet.

    Would you rather go to a concert or a sporting event?
  6. JerseyGirl

    JerseyGirl Guest


    Would you rather lose your ability to hear or ability to see?
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  7. EvilScotsman

    EvilScotsman Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm blind as a bat already so still would rather hear.

    Would you rather have a pet dog or cat?
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  8. PinkCherry

    PinkCherry Guest

    Cat ❤

    Would you rather lose all of your money and valuables or all the pictures you have ever taken
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  9. FiveKnuckleShuffle

    FiveKnuckleShuffle Well-Known Member

    Lose all my pictures.

    Would you rather give up the forums or share a total nude?
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  10. PinkCherry

    PinkCherry Guest

    Share a nude

    Would you rather give up bathing for a month or give up the internet for a month
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  11. Dogowar

    Dogowar Guest

    Actually, the internet lol. I shower every day, I'm not a bath person per say lol

    Would you rather eat well or go without for others?
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  12. Throatfuck

    Throatfuck Well-Known Member

    Go without

    Would you rather risk it all trying, or chicken out n live with never knowing?
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  13. PinkCherry

    PinkCherry Guest


    Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with 5 million inside
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  14. Dogowar

    Dogowar Guest

    Risk it. You've everything to win, nothing to loose.
    Edit: True Love

    Would you rather drink with the devil or dance with an angel.
  15. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    I work for the devil I sure dont want to drink with her.

    Would you rather give orally or receive orally?
  16. PinkCherry

    PinkCherry Guest

    I love receiving oral but I would want to please him first

    Would you rather have super sensitive taste or super senstve hearing
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  17. Huzaifa_Khalid

    Huzaifa_Khalid Well-Known Member

    I'd rather have super senstive taste. Super sensitive hearing would prolly make me go paranoid.

    Would you like to have a quickie early morning before work or would you rather plan something later for the night?
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  18. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    A - Order food online

    Q - Would you rather party with friends or stay at home with someone special?
  19. Fireball69

    Fireball69 Well-Known Member

    A:Stay at home

    Q:Would you Rather have drunk or Sober Sex?
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  20. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    Sooooober Sexxxx

    Q - Would you rather live in a forest or by the beach?
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