1. mary_feet

    my brah and panties

    i dont allways buy light colours but i thought this one looked nice do you agree?
  2. W

    Any slim closet crossdresser UK Cornwall.

    Meet to chat and dress if you want too. To share fantasies or stories of crossdressing.
  3. W

    Although straight crossdresser....

    Anyone in UK Cornwall with upto 5 inch cock want to meet and tempt me into having the first cock up my bum. Don't forget the lotion. After a few drinks at home I hope you tempt me into having male sex for the first time. With me crossdressed. Slim to medium built prefered.
  4. B

    Choose your favourite

    Which do you prefer me in?
  5. Alexandra69

    Took a couple pics of me in my "blue lace floral lingerie " . How do they look?

  6. Marigold1

    Show your panties :)

    Post pics of your panties on you...not web panties please.
  7. Marigold1

    Luscious Lingerie

    I must admit, I have a love of lingerie. I'm very outdoorsy so my clothing is practical and not very pretty; but underneath is a different story, bright & Lacy. Post your lingerie pictures....guys too. Let's see some sexy briefs. ****Real pictures please, no internet pics
  8. Y

    Big ass bottom wanna start crossdressing, help

    I have a nice ass, it's always been big, and I wanna try crossdressing so bad. If theres any generous guys willing to either send or buy me panties and girls clothes, or send mon ey so I can buy them, I'd love you and do anything/show anything you want daddy. I'd be your crossdressing sissy...
  9. SlutWithAButt

    New here

  10. N

    made wear my panties

    thought id post a couple kinky moments wear i got my man in my panties and took pics heheheheheheee:rolleyes::p
  11. N

    tribute me guys blow ya load up my skirt to my thong,

    mmmmmmmmmmm turn me on guys and cum cover my panties mmmmm love it.
  12. W

    straight cross dresser or pantie wearer

    Cornwall only. Looking for males who like being stroked through panties. I am straight crossdresser-and looking for friendly closet cross-dresser and pantie wearers. I sometimes go dogging in Cornwall. Looking for company. I enjoy playing with a cock while crossdressed-not fem looking. But I...
  13. LunaLoveGood

    A pert little ass needs Cum
  14. AngelaK

    Love me girls

    Would you?
  15. C


    Hi guys :) Noone really responded to us so we thought wed try again Her 25, inexperienced and shy but curvy Him 28 sexy and a real stallion Do yall need a personal invite to play with a young fresh girl? :p we need couples or girls but yall can enjoy our young passion. We will post pics ...
  16. F

    Females who sniff or otherwise enjoy worn panties

    At least two of my ex's have admitted indulging in the smellof thier own/others worn panties. One of them also liked the taste and would lick and suck hers and anyone else's she could get her hands on. Any other females indulge in this practice?
  17. T

    Masturbating in my sisters bedroom with her panties - When she confronts me. RP

    Hi.. this is my first post here and anywhere like it to be honest. I have a very specific scenario I would like to role play over text or audio with a female (age 20 to 45) someone at an arranged time . Hopefully it fits in here somewhere. Here is how I would like it to go.... I have a...
  18. Gray

    Tribute Panties

    Hello Ladies, As the title suggest I'm looking to tribute your panties. I have a small collection of women's panties and would like to make it bigger. I don't want to give everything away in this post but if you are interested I would highly suggest sending me an inbox message would be the...
  19. Lingerei

    Craving cock

    Since sissy hypno training I can't stop thinking about holding a 11inch cock.....and sucking...and riding...and playing dressup....I'm way beyond addicted or gay...I'm a SISSY COCKSUCKER QUEEN and I'm proud of it
  20. xXKymeraXx

    Harley Quinn Cosplay