Best Moment You Had While Losing Your Virginity

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Cinegasm55, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Cinegasm55

    Cinegasm55 Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Thought this might be fun.

    I think my favorite moment...ya know...aside actually being inside a girl for the first time, was when my cock popped out of my boxers and she said, "Shit, you're hung like a horse."
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  2. Misha000

    Misha000 Guest

    For guys maybe....:oops:
    Mine was shite. I was 17, it hurt and he was finished in less than 15 minutes. He was a crap kisser too, ignorant and selfish. We didn't fuck again.
  3. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Yes I dont think you will get many girls on here saying the first time was completely awesome. Now the first time with someone a totally different story. But loosing it for a female is very very different.
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  4. Cinegasm55

    Cinegasm55 Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    That's unfortunately likely to be true. It does suck. But,'s a much different experience.
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  5. Kure

    Kure Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    I haven't.
  6. Fireball69

    Fireball69 Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    Oh, those not so innocent teenage fumblings that fell way short of the mark but practise makes perfect huh?

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  7. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Lmao lol. I want to thank everyone for admitting the first time was less than perfect. Fun yes but not what they show in the movies (not porn)
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  8. Djslimdick

    Djslimdick New Member

    Mine was bad af, aside that she took of my condom and wanted a creampie
  9. EvilScotsman

    EvilScotsman Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    I was living with my wee maw at the time and I got back from school with my first girlfriend. Both legal and my mum wasn't home from work yet. So figured we'd do it. Awkward as fuck it has to be said, but because I finished so quickly the first time we had enough time for round 2 before my mum got home! Right from the first time doing it I was a total stud. :D
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  10. Sextingman

    Sextingman Active Member OFC Regular

    Mine wasnt perfect but it was good my gf and i were kissing and we let our hands roam till said to me she wanted to see it, and as i pulled dpwn my jeans her eyes widened and she blushed, she wanted to taste it so i fingered her while she sucked me off, and when we finnally did do it, we got caught
  11. Bebelatino111

    Bebelatino111 New Member

    My first time wasn't bad! I was picking my gf at the time from work it was about 1030pm before dropping her off at home she said park right there next to rec center she said let's make out she had been with a few guys before me this was my first. I parked she was kissing me with passion she had sexy thick lips. After kissing and touch ever part of our body's we work our way to the back of my car. She starts taking all of her clothes off but her sexy pokedot thongs. She orders me to take my pants and underwear off I didn't hesitate. She starts playing with me and I start kissing her nice firm breast rubbing them until her pussy was soaking wet. She urgently says fuck me a so I pull her soaking wet panties to the side my penis slides right in feeling that warm pussy wrapped around my penis we fucked for hours I didn't ejaculate she rides me hard for about an hour half she arches her back and my balls were soaking wet so I knew she ejaculated.
  12. Ddavid3119

    Ddavid3119 Well-Known Member OFC Regular

    I was 15 my first time with the next door Neighbor She was 24 married petite and sexy . It was an incedible experience ! She taught me what to do and it gave me alot of confidence.

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