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Discussion in 'Confessions' started by Emptytearslove, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Emptytearslove

    Emptytearslove New Member

    I'm really finding myself interested in being with another woman. I'm nervous about it. The thought of placing my mouth on hers. My lips on her breath. The taste of her sweet pussy. Gets me aroused thinking about it.

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  2. FallenWinterStar

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    I am the same way.
    I want to actually be held by a woman and experience pure bliss and happiness. From her neck, to her breast and arms,enjoying her hair near mine, and the watery goodness that is in store. I want to explore her body, and experience a nice orgasm with her.

    So yeah, you are no where near alone with that temptation. *pokes your nipple* boop :D
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  3. Emptytearslove

    Emptytearslove New Member

  4. CuteCouple

    CuteCouple Guest

    Message us... ull luv my gf
  5. MrnMrsD74

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  6. MrnMrsD74

    MrnMrsD74 New Member

    If you want to sext let me know.
  7. Camila25

    Camila25 New Member

    Hi i would love to help
  8. MrnMrsD74

    MrnMrsD74 New Member

    Please do help. Text me anytime. Lets have some fun.
  9. HornyAndNakid

    HornyAndNakid New Member

    Hello I have a question about my sexuality, I have been having bisexual fantasies started in my dreams about a year ago now I've been finding myself getting arroused by watching others have sex now don't get me wrong I still love a nice woman but now I'm finding myself getting arroused by watching a male get hard and cum , I've always been vouyerstic but now I want to get involved I want to feel it play with it and make it cum myself...the thing is I don't get excited looking at me. Except for the waist down and I get excited.... question is does thos mean I'm turning gay or what I don't know oblo thing I know is I'm addicted to sex in any and every way???? Am I just preverted
  10. FallenWinterStar

    FallenWinterStar Active Member

    Sure :)
    I don't mind that at all.

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