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Discussion in 'Tributes' started by xSubNaomi, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. xSubNaomi

    xSubNaomi New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I just made my profile here and I'm really looking at getting tributed. For other pics (non-nude for now) you can private message me.
  2. ReformedGoodboy

    ReformedGoodboy Active Member

    Hello xSubNaomi.

    As much as I would want to see nudes from you, there is something rather erotic about you essentially offering up your face for all us horny strangers to cum on. And what a pretty face it is! All the better for despoiling with a nice load of warm salty cum. I must admit you made my cock rather hard as I looked into your eyes, imagining having you kneeling between my legs, looking up at look rather cute with the fat head of my swollen cock on your pretty face...I would love to fuck your mouth...would you like to suck me? I stroked the shaft looking at you, quicker and quicker, the orgasm building and building, finally exploding with my cum pulsing out of the tip, wishing it was on your skin instead of paper. But still, I enjoy the idea of you looking at my dick against your face and seeing what you made me look quite good, peering out from behind a glaze of a strangers cum. Please do tell me how seeing this makes you feel. Do you enjoy being such a nasty slut? Letting the world know what you really are...a cum whore... as you can tell, I really do enjoy doing tributes and would enjoy doing more for you...and seeing more of you...private message me if you like what you see and let's explore how much more nasty we can be for one another.

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  3. huraira

    huraira New Member

    Hy baby
  4. neilwantssex

    neilwantssex Guest

    Please send me your pics... sexy.

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