Request to ban guests from Lesbian room

Discussion in 'Site, Chat, and Forum Feedback' started by echoed_spirit, Nov 14, 2018.

Ban guests from sexual orientated rooms

This poll will close on Mar 14, 2019 at 11:03 PM.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Well-Known Member

    Although we all know that the internet is full of fake profiles and males pretending to be female, it's older the "fake news".
    Legitimate females tend to accept this in a small way, but to give further tools to all horny guys to dupe and harrass females in what is supposed to be a place of safety, is wrong.
    The rate of spamming has increased, the rate of bans has increased for underage users/spamming.
    Some may say that it's because it is policed by more mods....I would say it's because it is an open room(lesbian) now that these bans are happening.
    Restrict the fuel to a fire and it will die down.
    If it is to continue this way I suggest you rename the "lesbian" room to "room for male guests to be female"
  2. MoonBaby

    MoonBaby Member

    I could not agree more. After all in the rooms description it states men and GUESTS will be blocked from accessing the room. The lesbian room is a hot spot for guys pretending to be female, we know this is everywhere, but those men are drawn to the LB. I would like to see this addressed. And not just editing the description.
    What makes the lesbian room a fun place is the members that have been around and know how things work. We become very good at figuring out who is fake/male and there to cause trouble and/or collect as many women as they can, and I myself strive to have men and the underage banned to keep the room a safe place.
    While you always get guests that are a hoot and make the room lively the ones that are worth while inevitably make an account an become a member. 9/10 guests are nothing but a nuisance and trouble for all there. Ive personally only known one male member, while I know fake member profiles of course exist, banning guests will greatly decrease the rate of which women are fooled. Ive met a few women that would make lovely additions as members, however male guest after male guest have run them off, with good reason.
    Please remove the option to have guests sign on in the LB and I believe this will severely decrease the rate in which women are harassed, spammed, fooled by an underaged persons(that probably do not have the ability to create an account), sent unsolicited dick picks, have their spirits crushed, is easy for anyone to just make up a female name in 2sec to sign in as a guest. Members only would help drastically deter the unwanted.
  3. MoonBaby

    MoonBaby Member

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  4. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Well-Known Member

    Well said
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  5. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Well-Known Member

    There is a constant stream of male guests entering the lesbian room now and posting pics of their dicks. If administration don't care about dealing with this what is the point of a lesbian room. We all know that guys get in there by faking it but to openly flaunt it now means that it's becoming increasingly annoying for those actual females that get in there. Something needs to be done about it before it just becomes another room if horny dick swinging retards.
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  6. ViXxXeN

    ViXxXeN Moderator Staff Member

    I have to agree with this. The male presence in that room has increased and they are very open about being male. Personally, I would like to see the "Other" (purple people) option banned from that room as well. The males are using that to get into the room, claiming to be a couple looking for a bi female when almost always it is just a male, there is no couple. That is not just a guest issue, several members are doing it as well.
  7. BrokenTree

    BrokenTree Guest

    I agree, but slightly disagreement is mainly stemming from the fact that I am forced to chat as a guest, therefore I would be unable to chat at all if this were to come to pass.....but I do agree because there are so many creeps, it would help trim them down...
  8. MoonBaby

    MoonBaby Member

    I know the poll seems a bit misleading, but this discussion is for the lesbian room. Which you shouldn't be in :p not for all sexually oriented rooms. Just clearing that up real quick like for any future replys.
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  9. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Well-Known Member

    And more than a month has gone by about males flaunting the fact that they can easily enter the female"only" room, and nothing from the owner nor admid concerning this matter. It's become such a dead beat room now that guys are actually entering the room with their dick as their avatars....Shit I'd happy pay for my own room if it was permanently there.
    But what irks me the most is the lack response from any owner /admin about concerns users have since it's suppose to be a suggestion and feedback forum.
    Something needs to be acknowledged or good/real female users will leave and then its too late and the lesbian is nothing more than a dick room
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  10. echoed_spirit

    echoed_spirit Well-Known Member

    In my few they are breaking their promise of a safe environment for female users

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