Sleeping with my married boss

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by sarahborwich, Jun 26, 2019.

What do I do at this party?

  1. Wear the bikini with confidence?

  2. Go but dont wear the bikini, wear something more conservative?

  3. Dont go at all?

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  1. sarahborwich

    sarahborwich Active Member

    Hey guys,

    A little back story- so i am currently a girls beach volleyball coach. I coach the team (ages 22-30) but my boss runs the team and stuff. We always had this sexual tension and i knew that he made his 'power move' on me when he bought me a bikini to wear to practice. It was a little show y and not sure how i felt in it.

    I wore it the next day and he could not stop looking at me. The next thing you know... hes balls deep in me in his office. I find out afterwards that hes married...

    He invited me along with the team to his house for a July 4th party and he bought me another bikini... this one even skimpier than the last one... What do i do guys??
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  2. I would keep taking photos of yourself in those bikinis, extremely hot!
  3. Jp19926969

    Jp19926969 Member

    Looking AMAZING im that stripe bikini
  4. imagine83

    imagine83 New Member

    Be conservative but sexy, tease him
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  5. olderM

    olderM Well-Known Member

    Wear it with confidence, drain him of all he's got
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  6. TattedupNZmale

    TattedupNZmale New Member

    Show it off girl let tease him and he will not be able to hold himself back,
  7. Charles608

    Charles608 Active Member

    Wear new bikini and hope for More dick if you enjoy his fucking
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  8. sarahborwich

    sarahborwich Active Member

    Hey guys, it's been a while since this happened. Completely forgot to update you guys. Long story short, I did wear the bikini to the party, wife immediately noticed and told me to go back and change but my boss said no its fine.

    The bikini did not stay on that long and after 30 mins into the party, he was nailing me in his bathroom...

    Im not sure if his wife still knows but my boss is still nailing me at work. Thats the update!
  9. Nunya43015

    Nunya43015 New Member

    Can I be your boss!

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