What did you study in university?

Discussion in 'Higher Education' started by HornyHannah, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. HornyHannah

    HornyHannah Active Member

    I'm starting soon and I haven't decided yet
  2. Sandrock

    Sandrock ViXxXeN's Sugar Dumplin' Staff Member

    Started out studying Graphic Design
    Switched to History
    Ended up Majoring in Physical Education and Minoring in Teaching and History.
  3. Mustang50

    Mustang50 Member

    I started in electrical engineering and switched to computer engineering when it was 'invented'. It was good to me.
  4. stevexoxo

    stevexoxo Member

    degree in retail merchandising, then retail management, then auction school. Was auctioneer for about 30 years before acid reflux damaged my vocal chords amd crushed my dream job (i can still talk but cant sing or cry auctions anymore)
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  5. hemihead

    hemihead Well-Known Member

    Women , Sex , and Alcohol
  6. angelique

    angelique Well-Known Member

    Advanced Marketing
  7. bob6969

    bob6969 Member

    construction managment
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  8. MimisGr

    MimisGr New Member

    I am studding automation in collage but I am working with a programming company learning game development
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  9. fandom_lover1

    fandom_lover1 Well-Known Member

    Double Major in International Studies and Sociology
    Double Minor: GIS and Foreign Service
    Sociology Major has 2 concentrations: Health and Med; Immigration, Community, and Urbanization
    Graduating 2019....cant frickin wait
  10. MarcusBrody

    MarcusBrody Well-Known Member

    Information Technology
  11. cherryboy

    cherryboy Member

    Vehicle Engineering.
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  12. Flying_Dutchman

    Flying_Dutchman New Member

    I would like to post "women, sex and alcohol" as well, but in truth, I studied math, physics and best of all: astronomy. And I have supplemented that with a teacher's degree in those fields.
  13. LittleMissNaughty

    LittleMissNaughty New Member


    Among other things.
  14. JeykellHyde

    JeykellHyde Member

    Studied English, History, and Theatre. Work in theatre as a Company Stage Manager.
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  15. Alex

    Alex Active Member

    Games design ^^
  16. Tysonl

    Tysonl New Member

    Very boring, Network Engineering...it get the ladies lol
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  17. Monique

    Monique Active Member

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  18. Languages.

    They're always fun.
  19. Started in music, then animation, now art/art history lol
    Once I get my BA I'll throw myself into comedy school
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  20. Hung_latino

    Hung_latino New Member

    Started with Political sciences, then switched to biology :p
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