What did you study in university?

Discussion in 'Higher Education' started by HornyHannah, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Enum

    Enum Member

    Got one degree in philosophy, then decided I didn't really wanna do anything philosophical and got another one in chemistry. My PhD is in Chem too.
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  2. Enum

    Enum Member

    @Alex are you working on anything cool?
  3. I'd like to know this as well :)
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  4. Alex

    Alex Active Member

    Aw I wish I could talk about it but I'm under NDA! Sorry guys ;-;
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  5. Dickbhung

    Dickbhung Member

    I received a bachelor of science in business management. I received a masters degree in business finance
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  6. DaddyDom73

    DaddyDom73 Member

    Enginnering (Electric & Electronics)
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  7. PaulfromGer

    PaulfromGer New Member

    Chemical Engineering.
    Working on my PhD now ...
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  8. Kashi_25

    Kashi_25 New Member

    Masters Degree in electrical engineering
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  9. Reece93

    Reece93 Active Member

    I am currently studying International Business, Korean Language and International Relations
  10. Benderbrow365

    Benderbrow365 New Member

    Structural engineering and manufacturing operations.
  11. Superhero

    Superhero New Member

    I'm in faculty of engineering
  12. HappyBloke

    HappyBloke Active Member

    Molecular Biology

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