Discussion in 'Sex Chat' started by f138, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. f138

    f138 New Member

    I wanna know what you would do to me ;)

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  2. joe03366

    joe03366 New Member

    First you would have to get on your knees.
  3. Passionatesex

    Passionatesex New Member

    Hey sexy
  4. chacko

    chacko New Member

    I want to fuck youuuuuu
  5. Robert0964

    Robert0964 New Member

    Chuck u around
  6. Cinegasm55

    Cinegasm55 Well-Known Member

    Bend you over and lick your holes until you beg for my dick.
  7. Liberty

    Liberty New Member

    Is fu
  8. bob6969

    bob6969 Member

    id be quicker telling you what i would not do;)
  9. bigdaddy0011

    bigdaddy0011 New Member

    play with your tits then put an egg up your ass and fuck you until it’s scrambled
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  10. cmchubb

    cmchubb New Member

    I'd go down on you, listening to your quiet murmurs and moans, pushing you higher and higher until your legs clamp around my head while you try to hold my on just the right place as you scream my name.
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  11. gman9712

    gman9712 New Member

    Everything and anything you want to do with that sexy ass
  12. BigPapaupa

    BigPapaupa New Member

    I’d eat your ass for hours! And then I’d fuck you all night long
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  13. Mantofuck

    Mantofuck New Member

    Fuck you so hard you squirt all over my dick
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  14. prawn_22

    prawn_22 Well-Known Member

    I'd have you bent face down into the pillows. Those panties pulled aside and my cock slamming in your wet dripping pussy.

    Hopefully the pillow will help quieten the screams of pleasure. Don't want to disturb your flat mates
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  15. Arslan2172

    Arslan2172 New Member

    Hay dear ,, if yu free so we can talk
  16. Arslan2172

    Arslan2172 New Member

    what you like i will do for yu
  17. Kiloboi15

    Kiloboi15 New Member

    Every single thing
  18. Blastoffhard

    Blastoffhard New Member

    Rub on your booty while we watch Lord of Rings ... Next I will act like smeagol but instead of the rings I will be after your ass and called "my precious"
  19. Frankeatsatthey

    Frankeatsatthey New Member

    I would start off by kissing you for awhile then work my way down to your neck kissing and sucking and caressing your nice breasts and nipples want more text me
  20. Frankeatsatthey

    Frankeatsatthey New Member

    IMG_20150702_051809.jpg what do you want me to do?

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