Would you lick me until I cum?

I'm addicted to eating pussy for hours and love giving squirting orgasms. I'd lick n suck your clit for hours. I'd have your head hanging over the edge of the couch with your ass n pussy up in the air. I'd fuck your mouth while giving you forced orgasms without letting up,giving you many multiple and squirting orgasms!


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View attachment 67486Would you lick me until I cum?
That is my very favorite thing to do. I luv to PNP. I get hi and get very perverted. Luv to get nasty. Anything goes when I'm hi. I'm gonna do that in about an hour. I luv to wear panties and play with toys. Roleplay, , watersports, anything. I would like to video chat with you if you want? Want to show you my fetish... Would love to see you in some little panties moaning and squirting for daddy. If interested, text me at, 7752858029 and we can see if we can get a naughty video chat with each other tonight.... BTW, I'm Lio.
I would lick you until you begged me to stop and I still wouldn't stop.
I read some comments and was thinking.(Just lick her a few times. Just lick her until she cums??)!! Like wtf. Then finally seen your comment and thought “yes. This dude gets it, this dude sounds like he on my level. ). Lol. There’s no crying in baseball and There’s no limit at a Golden Coral Pussy buffet. Eat all you can , licking it, sucking that Clit, tongue in and out of entrance and exits . Bask in the moment, savor the flavor, As Sesame Street’s Dracula starts the count. Ah one…. Pussy squirt-ah. Ah Two Pussy go squirt-ah, Ah ha Threeeee time , ………..9 time-ma pussy squirt-ah. I don’t think she was ready for this Elmo. After a while she So dehydrated and exhausted from total satisfaction, she falls asleep. guess what? We still gonna have face buried between them thighs. That Clit swelled to the max in hoovers mouth , still getting rolled around and tongue punched keeping full suction, cause she gonna wake up and be soaking still, hornier than before, , And that’s when you pretend to stop and get up, cause she gonna tackle dude for that D. (For others that don’t know - if you got a just lays there type. The do that^^^. Tuns them from the meat into the grinder. She will try and break it!!