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Discussion in 'Confessions' started by AngelaK, Jun 12, 2019.

Would you help clean me up under my desk?

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  1. AngelaK

    AngelaK Member

    So i am a consultant, have many clients throughout the day. Recently i was on here getting all worked up from people messaging me. I couldn’t help but lift my skirt and rub my clit. On woman here kept sending me pictures of her doing naughty things. I couldn’t help it and orgasmed in my chair. Not only did my lace thong and my skirt have a wet stain but the chair was also soaked. I sat there all day so noone would see my skirt soaked from my orgasm and see the wet spot on the chair. I did this while a client was talking to me. I almost moaned.
  2. Al_UK

    Al_UK Well-Known Member

    Dirty girl. You are my favourite type of person.

    Do you think the client was thinking, she is breathing funny
  3. AngelaK

    AngelaK Member

    Probably lol! I didn’t care though it felt amazing.
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  4. Wiliam134

    Wiliam134 Member

    That is extraordinarily hot. Ever go in to work with a vibe or a plug in?
  5. AngelaK

    AngelaK Member

    Yes! I have a lovesense that i wear regularly!
  6. Wiliam134

    Wiliam134 Member

    Dam, that sure gets me hard. Wish i could rum my cock on your clit
  7. AngelaK

    AngelaK Member

    Many man wish they could!
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  8. GrimZeke83

    GrimZeke83 New Member

    thats hot as fuck, im sure the client was like wtf is she doing now?
    lol its all good though
    would have love to been there though :D
  9. Wiliam134

    Wiliam134 Member

    Lol, i dont doubt it. ;)
  10. AngelaK

    AngelaK Member

    She asked me after we finish our session if i was feeling ok! Lol she thought i was aggravated at her. She has no idea.
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  11. GrimZeke83

    GrimZeke83 New Member

    oh lol nice yea i suppose the o face can look kinda mean, but thats still hot as fuck
  12. Cachapin

    Cachapin New Member

    Wow. just wow
  13. AngelaK

    AngelaK Member

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  14. Van46

    Van46 New Member

    I would love to be under your desk doing oral on you
  15. AngelaK

    AngelaK Member

    How nice!
  16. Annalez13N

    Annalez13N New Member

    You sound just like me! Hee hee

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