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Discussion in 'Confessions' started by PhotographerGuy, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. PhotographerGuy

    PhotographerGuy Well-Known Member

    The idea here is to answer a scenario presented to you, and then give someone a scenario to answer.

    The scenarios can be serious or funny. True-to-life or fictitious. Intimate or formal. Personal or a generalization.

    When you answer, let's try to keep them as honest as possible.

    First scenario...
    What would you do if...you won a big lottery, say $25 million USD?
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  2. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    First of all I honestly think I'd have to quit my job. I love nursing but I am in private duty cause it pays better than most nursing jobs and loads of overtime. I want to work in other fields that challenge me and where I have coworkers again.

    If you seen someone bullying someone else would you intervene or walk away?
  3. Renee

    Renee Well-Known Member

    I am one who intervenes anytime I see something happening that I feel is wrong. Luckily, I haven't been hurt myself while intervening.

    If you had the choice of being loved and poor, or hated and rich, which would you choose?
  4. PhotographerGuy

    PhotographerGuy Well-Known Member

    So long as it's a true love that you dream about, I'll take the former. I believe, as long as you are happy in life you can make more money.

    If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and what kind of house?
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  5. Damngirll

    Damngirll Well-Known Member

    i would live in a unicorn palace gah and obviously in the ‘Unicorn World’ :rolleyes::oops:

    Would you eat brownie (s) for dinner or pancakes for breakfast?
    (Im lame af) lol
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  6. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    I would eat a brownie for dinner, I have eaten dessert for dinner many times if I have been alone. You only live once.

    PS - you are not lame @Damngirll

    Would you travel half way around the world to meet someone you met online?
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  7. Misha000

    Misha000 Guest

    A few years ago I might have said yes. Not now tho. Im married and have kids so unfortunately that's not an option even if i wanted to.

    What would you do if I sneezed on your meal by accident? :D
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  8. Fireball69

    Fireball69 Well-Known Member

    Phone for Chinese takeaway

    If you were drunk and ended up in bed with someone, had the best sex of your life and the most earth shattering orgasm of all time. Then when you awoke in the morning to discover it was a wrinkly old pensioner with no teeth, Eager to have more sex would you do it?
  9. Damngirll

    Damngirll Well-Known Member

    Sunn Imma marry you girl
  10. Damngirll

    Damngirll Well-Known Member

    You have kids?
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  11. Misha000

    Misha000 Guest

    Fuck yes! I would. But only with the lights off. (Great question):D

    What would you do if you had a choice between a suitcase full of clean money or a suitcase full of dirty gold... which would you choose?
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  12. Misha000

    Misha000 Guest

    Yeah I'm old and stressed af :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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  13. Renee

    Renee Well-Known Member

    The answer is always gold. Governments can fall, and the money be worth nothing, but gold can be used anywhere in the world.

    What would you do if you are in a parking lot and notice a young child has been left in the hot car by themselves?
  14. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Easy I'd break the window to get the child out. That actually happened to me once at a library except a dog was left in the car. I didnt break the window but I went in the library and ask who was the cruel owner of the dog that left it inside a hot car.

    If you were in line at the grocery store and the person in front of you had to put items back due to not having enough money. Would you cover them if you had more than enough?
  15. PinkCherry

    PinkCherry Guest

    I am a Florida girl, so, I would have my dream home on Sanibel Island
    One of the most beautiful beaches ❤
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  16. PhotographerGuy

    PhotographerGuy Well-Known Member

    I have done that. I would have to assess the person to see if they really need the help. Also would depend on how much stuff.

    If you were offered a dream job but it meant leaving family and friends behind, would you take it?
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  17. EvilScotsman

    EvilScotsman Well-Known Member

    No chance in hell. I would get very homesick.

    If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you in the movie and why?
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  18. Fireball69

    Fireball69 Well-Known Member

    Gerard Butler, he wouldn’t fuck the accent up and with makeup and special effects they will get him looking handsome. :D

    Great Question so I’d like to give others the chance to answer it...
  19. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Lmao best answer award.
  20. Sun66

    Sun66 Well-Known Member

    Mmmmm probably Helena Bonham Carter, she looks great with bright red hair curly hair, loves dressing up, looks fabulous in corsets, she is quirky, fun and has a very naughty dark side. And she can speak Australian!

    What would you do if your company is up for sale, and you had an opportunity to stay with new owners or take the money and go? :cool:

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