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The confession chat room is a free adult chat room for people who want to chat more in depth about specific memories or events in their past, whether it's admitting to something and relieving yourself of the burden of a secret, finding someone who has experienced something similar to get clarity and or advice, coming clean with a dirty deed like cheating or a sexual encounter considered taboo, that you've not been able to tell anyone in your real life.

The anonymous confession chat room makes for great reading, the most common topics are community members sharing often taboo sexual encounters of the past which makes for great roleplay sex chat topics. Users tend to share sexy pics of themselves most time during the act. Sharing sexual fantasies is also very common.

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Aside from the great sex chat content, hot nude selfies, amateur porn gifs and good times, the confession chat room serves as so much more as another adult chat room for people to get off, many members of the community find it beneficial for them to have a proper discussion about meaningful issues they may be going through in life.

It's very rare to find a live online chat where you can connect with other users in a completely anonymous environment. Most chat sites require registration, your email address, name and in most cases your phone number. This creates an issue with a lot of chatters who feel they cannot share sensitive information as it can be tied back to them.

Nothing can be more comforting than having a conversation with a completely stranger, removing the stigma and restraints that a difficult to talk about subject can place upon you when discussing in real life with friends of family.

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As well as the confession chat room, we also have a confession blog on the forum, this can reach a much wider audience as it's not like chat content which expires once scrolling out of view, the forum content sticks around for a while. This means you can get more eyes and better or more in depth responses. The catch is you need to be registered but that's not a problem, only a throw away email address is needed for this.

If your confession is in regards to kinky cam sex chat, then you're in luck! Our live cam chat rooms are cam chat compatible so anyone with a camera on their phone or laptop can instantly start a free live sex cam chat session in seconds! There are advanced privacy options to help you better control your cam chat experience.