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As per our Privacy Policy, your IP will be logged. We report all suspected sexual exploitation of minors to law enforcement. Our reports lead to dozens of arrests yearly.

An intimate and relatively small chat room for females seeking the friendship of other females only, without the constant pestering from men (which unfortunately is a major problem online and especially websites of this nature). A close community and used regularly by the same girls, this is a great place for a girls chat in a safe environment.

Moderated almost around the clock, attentive mods deal with the occasional problem, which is not that frequent when considering that the chat software blocks registered males and guests from being able to access the lesbian chat room. This is one of the main reasons why the community is strong and continues to grow.

The ladies of the girls only chat room are always friendly, inviting and welcoming to all new comers. It's a great place to meet other females from all over the world and potentially locally. Register and enjoy the benefits of being able to use the forums where you can further connect to other women. Always remember to use the report button or ignore when problems arrive, our moderators deal with issues quickly and efficiently to better the community for a more enjoyable girls chat experience.

Lesbian Chat is a safe haven for women looking to enjoy a fun, friendly chatting experience with other women, without men looking in. Men are not allowed, and are automatically banned from this chat room if they try to join. Whether you're a lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, so long as you are a woman, this lesbian chat room welcomes you. Generally a small, friendly community, Lesbian Chat is populated at all hours and ready to receive you. Registered users get access to a permanent profile, chat avatar, and more.

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