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Rate My Nudes

For the daring and adventurous type that aren't shy with sharing their nudes and looking for a bit of fun, the ratings chat room is for you! Here you'll find a group of chatters posting nude pics of themselves for feedback from the community.

If you're shy or have self esteem issues, the ratings chat room can be a great confidence booster, a way to expose yourself in a safe and anonymous manner and get honest feedback. The community Is friendly and moderation keeps the trolls away.

Whether you're spectating and looking to rate other users amateur porn pics or gifs, or you're looking to get a rating on your own, check out the ratings chat room if you're in the mood for fun!

From tiny dicks to huge ones, sex boob selfies, or pussy gifs, there is nothing off limits on which body part you want feedback for, so get creative and good luck!

Trade Sexy Nude Selfies

There is never a dull moment in the Rating chat room, with so many chatters active around the clock, you'll be shocked at the sexy nude selfies posted by the community. From gigantic cocks to biddy tiny ones.

Users love the feeling they get knowing others are looking at and giving ratings on their nude selfies. People get very turned on which turns into other activities. With the ability to flip on your cam or take a quick and easy selfie at any moment, the mood can change quickly. Private chat anyone in the chat room that peaks your interest by clicking on their username or the cam icon next to their name.

If you have self esteem issues or are just shy in general, but want to explore and be more adventurous, the stakes are low engaging in the Ratings chat room. Get honest and legitimate feedback from other community members while maintaining anonymity, there is no risk!

This is definitely one of the more fun chat rooms, a great place to laugh and pass the time all while getting to know other community members on a deeper level while being entertained by the amateur sex pics posted by them.

Chat Rooms

Cum on Pics

There isn't an official Rate My Body forum, but a lot of the users that engage in the Rating chat room use the Tributes and Community Selfies forums.

If you don't know what tributes are, it's when a selfie is uploaded for the purpose of another community member cumming on it, therefore "tributing" them. It's a common theme on the chat rooms and there is a dedicated tribute chat room. There is also a forum for this which is free and easy to use, registration is required.

The community selfies forum is for posting selfies of any kind, they don't typically have to be sexy nude selfies, but they tend to be. The forum offers a more dynamic way of receiving feedback on your pics, not to mention unlike the chat rooms and only getting context from members who are online and active now, the forums give users from other timezones to comment on your pictures at a later time.