Dark fantasy

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by Evie23, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. Evie23

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    1AA8BE6C-3B10-496F-9557-14DB36E87FFA.jpeg Get together a group of prevy older Men who wanna get their hands on, and have their fun with a sweet young girl who’s ready to get taken advantage of by planning out them kidnapping me in a van well walking home alone and take me for however long they wanna use me, filling me with cum, stretching out every
    hole with mutiple cocks at once. Keeping me chained up, gagged and blind folded in the basement/attic/closet at all times when they are not using me. feeding me only cum and nothing else, fucking me every minute of everyday and selling me out to whoever, whenever they want, never getting rest, Until I’m completely stripped of the person I use to be. A completely numb, emotionless cock sucking/Man pleasing machine, ruined and stretched out. when their finally bored of me they’ll stuff my ass and pussy with as many toys and dildos they can possibly
    fit, tape them deep inside me, gag me and clamp my nipples with weights take me back home and hang me from the bottom of the balcony and tie my feet to the pillars on either side so there is a good view of my bright red used out holes stretched and filled passed the limit, in the morning my dad will see me pulling out for work first thing in the morning, bruised, barley conscious, coated in and dripping the cum from a dozen different men like a pretty little glazed donut
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  2. Nomeeting

    Nomeeting New Member

    And I have the fantasy of meet the women who are willing to let me do it
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  3. Stevieb925

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  4. Marksx

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    I wish I could kidnap you and fuck you until I rip the pussy and juice out the cum from you.
  5. Nomeeting

    Nomeeting New Member

    I'm thinking of trying u up right now and rubbing my cock in your ASS RACK and lightly tipping the tip in and then...
  6. Orallee

    Orallee New Member

    If love to be there to help out!
  7. Orallee

    Orallee New Member

    I want to be first to have my way with your sexy body,
  8. restlesoul78

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    wow. you amaze me more and more with every post you make. i absolutely live your content on OFC.
  9. imagine83

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    IF you were my daughter I'd be so proud
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  10. Kateuk

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    I'll admit so having a very similar fantasy. Though not sure I'd ever do it
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  12. KittyKittyBangBang

    KittyKittyBangBang New Member

    That's . So . Many . Shades . Of . Fucked . Up

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