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OnlineFreeChat has a thriving gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans gender community. Thousands of users from all over the world use our sexuality chat rooms on a regular basis every day. Whether here for gay video chat, free lesbian chat or anything else, you'll find like minded individuals seeking sex chat conversation on many topics. Cross dresser chat, intersex chat, trans chat and more. The chat rooms are 100% free to use and registration is optional, many users like to use the gay chat rooms discreetly and prefer not to sign up or disclose any information they might consider too personal, or even share their email address. But the option is there to register which opens many doors to further free gay chat experiences like the forums.

The lesbian chat room is a smaller more and intimate of our list of sexuality chat rooms. Many girls chat here for the intense moderation we employ in all of our chat rooms, not just the gay chats. Almost around the clock human moderators make sure the free lesbian chat rooms is pest free, removing trolls and other unsavory individuals that do not contribute to the integrity of the lesbian chat rooms. On connecting to the chat server, we ask all users to disclose their gender. We automatically kick males and other genders from accessing the lesbian chat, ensuring we keep the room clean of males. Of course there are always some men who think they're so irresistible that even lesbians will find them interesting! So they change their gender to Female and log back in, a simple report on these people solves this issue, when using the report feature a human moderator receives it in real time, and takes care of the issue making sure just women use the chat room.

As well as the traditional gay and girls chat rooms, we also have a bisexual chat or bi chat as the users refer to it. Many different types of people use this chat rooms from people who enjoy the cross dresser lifestyle, transsexual chat lovers and a separate community for intersex chat.

You're not limited to simply text chatting with your peers, the ability to use your webcam and microphone is an option should you wish to use it. Free gay video chat is available at the click of a button. Advanced privacy options make it so that only people you allow can cam chat with you, making your gay video chat experience private and controlled by you.

By registering on the chat site, you get access to the profiles and forum section. This is another avenue to engage socially with other members of the community, as well as reserving a regular chat user name in the rooms. We have a selection of forum categories and topics for you to engage in, private message other users through the website, stay up to date with current goings on with the website and generally have your say in current topics and matters. We have forums dedicated to the gay chat room and the lesbian chat room as well as several other topics. There is also a support and feedback board where you can make suggestions and more in depth reports if you're encountering any problems with the chat site or chat rooms.

OFC is proud to be one of the leading free gay chat and ultimate lesbian chat avenue for you to express yourself with people of a similar nature, make new friends and potential life long relationships.

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