It's an accident I swear....

Discussion in 'Confessions' started by busty_melissa, Oct 20, 2019.

Am I more busty than your wife/gf (or than you if you're a lady)

  1. Yes, more busty than my wife/gf

  2. No, my wife/gf is massive too

  3. Yes, more busty than my small breasts

  4. No, I'm way bigger than you

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  1. Neo7771

    Neo7771 Well-Known Member

  2. Ddavid3119

    Ddavid3119 Well-Known Member

    I work with some big breasted women and they both love to tease me with there boobs doing exactly what you do it can be distracting but its all in good fun
  3. hornymonkey9981

    hornymonkey9981 Active Member

    What size are you?
  4. hornymonkey9981

    hornymonkey9981 Active Member

    Busty Melissa and squishy,I want you both!
  5. busty_melissa

    busty_melissa Member

    I bet you want us hahaha I wear a 36G in the brands I buy. So expensive D: but worth it for the effect
  6. Drase

    Drase Member

    Love to share and chat with you sometime especially if you like girls too I will share my wife pic with you as well

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